An Irish Limerick

October 8th, 2012

There once was an old man of Esser,
Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser,
It at last grew so small
He knew nothing at all,
And now he’s a college professor.

Irish names and their meanings – P

March 22nd, 2011

Padraigin – (PAH-dri-geen) Recent feminine form of Padraig, from Latin word for “noble”. Patricia.

Paili – (PAHL-ee) “bitter”. Polly, Poll, Pal.

Payton – form of male name Patrick or Padraig.

Pegeen – “a pearl”.

Philomena – “powerful friend”.

Proinnsáas – (PRON-sheh-uhs) “free”. Frances, Fanny.

Irish names and their meanings – I

March 22nd, 2011

Iarfhlaith – (YAR-lath) Irish saint name; St. Iarlaith was born in Tuam and ordained in 468 and built the first monastery and school at Cloonfush. Iarlaith, Iarlaithe, Jarlath.

Ibor – (EE-bohr?) from iobar “yew tree”. St. Ibor opposed St. Patrick because he was a “foreigner”. Iobhar.

Imar – (EE-MAHR?) probably the name Ivarr borrowed from the Norse-Vikings who invaded Ireland. Iomhar (EE-var).

Innis – “from the island”. Innes, Iniss.

Ionhar – (YOWR, or YO-ver)(Teut) “archer”. Ivor.

áoseph – (YO-sef)(H) “god will add”. Iosep, Joseph.

Irv – “handsome”. Irving.

Irving – (Gael) “handsome and fair”. Earvin, Ervin.

Iuchar – a brother of Brian mac Tuirenn, who killed Lugh’s father Cian.

Iucharba – a brother of Brian mac Tuirenn, who killed Lugh’s father Cian.

Irish names and their meanings – K

March 22nd, 2011

Kacey – “brave”; variant of Casie. Kacy, Casey.

Kassidy – “clever”. Cassidy.

Kathleen – “pure”. Katharine, Kathryn, Kathie, Kate.

Keara – “saint”; variant of Ceara.

Keavy – “gentleness, beauty, grace”. Probably from Caoimhe.

Keelie – “beautiful princess” or “beautiful and graceful”. Keely, Keeley.

Keelin – “slender, fair”. Keelan, Keely, Keelia.

Keena – from the Irish word for “brave”.

Keira – “black haired”.

Kelly – from the Gaelic word for “warrior woman”; “farm by the spring”. At an ancient shrine of the goddess Brigit at Kildare, there were sacred priestesses and warrior women called kelles, and its possible the name and surname came from them. Kellie, Kelli, Kaley.

Kenna – version of male name Kenneth. Kennice.

Kennocha – (ken-OH-kuh) “beauty”.

Kerry – from a Gaelic word for “dark, dark-haired”. Keriann.

Kevyn – “beautiful, gentle, lovable”. Feminine form of Kevin. Keva, Kevina, Kevena.

Kiana – from Quiana; “soft, synthetic material”.

Kiara – “small and dark”.

Kiley – from the word for “attractive”; “handsome, near the chapel”. Fem. form of Kyle. Kyli, Kylee, Kylie, Kyleigh.

Kinnat – “ancient”. Keenat.

Irish names and their meanings – N

March 22nd, 2011

Naoise – (NEE-shah?) son of Uisliu and served Conchobhar mac Ness, King of the Ulaidh; fell in love with Deirdre, who was promised to the king, and had to flee for his life. When they returned under a promise of forgiveness, Naoise was ambushed and killed. Naoisi.

Naomhan – (NAU-ahn) “holy”. Nevan.

Neal – (Celt) “champion”. Neil, Neill, Neale, Nealon.

Neasán – (NESH-ahn) Irish saint name; variant of Nessa. Nessan.

Nechtan – (neck-tahn) husband of the goddess Boann and keeper of a magic well of knowledge which had nine hazel trees around it.

Neil – (Celt) “champion”. Neal, Niall, Neill, Neale.

Nemhglan – the bird-like being who was teh father of Conaire Mess Buachalla by a human woman.

Nessan – “stoat”.

Nevan – “holy”. Naomham (NAU-ahn).

Nevin – (Gael) “worshipper of the saints, nephew”. Nevins.

Niall – (NEE-AL)(Celt) “champion”; or Old Irish name poss. derived from nel “cloud”. King Niall Noigiallach of Tara founded Ui Neill dynasty and ancestor to the O’Neills and Scotland’s MacNeils. Neal, Neil, Neill, Nyle, Nealy, Niallán (NEE-a-lahn).

Niece – (NEES)(Celt) “choice”. Aonghus, Neese.

Nioclás – (NEE-klahs)(Gr) “victory of the people”. Nicholas.

Niocol – (NEE-col)(Gr) “victory of the people”. Nicol.

Nolan – (NOH-luhn)(Gael) “famous” or “noble”. Noland, Nolin.

Nuada – (NOO-ah-dah) a god known in both Ireland and Wales; he lost his hand in battle and had to step down as king of the Tuatha De Danann, since they demanded that a king be perfect. He wore a flexible silver hand made by Dian Cecht, until Miach and Airmid replaced the physical hand by magic.

Nyle – (Celt) “champion”.

Irish names and their meanings – H

March 22nd, 2011

Hilde – “battle maid”; name of Irish abbess. Hildy.

Honorah – used in Ireland, Latin in origin; means “honor”. More commonly found in the forms Annora, Onára and Nára.

Irish names and their meanings – W

March 22nd, 2011

Wynne – (WIN)(Celt) “white, fair”. Winn, Wynn.

Irish names and their meanings – W

March 22nd, 2011

Whiltierna – from faol “wolf” + tiarna “lord”. Faoiltiarna.

Withypol – possibly from English withy “twig, willow” + poll “head”.

Wony – form of Una.

Irish names and their meanings – V

March 22nd, 2011

Vanessa – “butterfly”.

Vevina – form of Gaelic Bábhinn, “sweet lady”.

Vivienne – from Latin for “living”.

Irish names and their meanings – Q

March 22nd, 2011

Quigley – from a word meaning “from the maternal side”.

Quillan – “cub”. Quillon.

Quinlan – “strong” or “well-shaped, athletic”. Quinlin.

Quinn – “wise”; variant of Conn, and the old spelling Cuinn.